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About ABi

Assessments & Behaviour Interventions (ABi) is a leading not-for-profit organisation that provides family focused intervention programs for children and young people with a disability who require support in developing skills and reducing challenging behaviours. We also offer allied health services for children and young people.

Here at ABi, we deliver a high quality service that is tailored to suit individual family needs in order to achieve real outcomes. We empower families with knowledge and strategies to support their child’s learning and development across all environments.

ABi programs are founded on the evidence based principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). ABA is the process of using behavioural principles to create practical and socially significant change. We use the principles of ABA to provide parents, caregivers and professionals with a ‘tool belt of strategies’ that they can use to independently and successfully manage challenging behaviours and teach new, appropriate skills.

At ABi, our transdisciplinary team includes Senior Behaviour Support Consultants, Behaviour Support Consultants, Behaviour Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Psychologists and Special Needs Educators.