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Our History

How did ABi begin?

Sam Lo Ricco was a single father of a child with autism, who realised how effective Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) was for his own child. He quickly realised that most people were not able to access ABA services due to the intensive hours or the high costs (for example, $40,000 – $60,000 per year) that were associated with these intensive, private services. Therefore, he set out on a journey to ensure that other families had access to affordable and sustainable ABA therapy.

Assessments & Behaviour Interventions (ABi) was formed in 2006 when Sam lobbied for, and was successful in, receiving a small amount of funding from the state government to run a pilot early intervention service using the principles of ABA.

The overriding mission for ABi was to provide a family centred approach to delivering the evidence-based practice of ABA to families. This was in order to empower parents and carers with a ‘tool belt of strategies’ that they could use to improve their child’s behaviours, increase their ability to learn and be able to access their community.

This pilot was highly successful in demonstrating positive outcomes for the children and their families, and the organisation continued to receive additional funding. From there, ABi has grown from strength to strength, to the point where ABi now has three offices and provides services across all of the Sydney Metropolitan area. ABi has also expanded its range of services, aside from behaviour support, to include allied health services such as Psychology, Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology.

ABi is known as a specialist service provider in ABA and this is supported by our Clinical Director who has achieved her Doctorate in Applied Behaviour Analysis. Along with this, all of the therapists and consultants at ABi are committed to delivering a high quality and individualised service that is designed to meet the child and the family’s needs.