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Group Programs

ABi’s group programs are designed to develop appropriate social interactions whilst learning independent living skills and supporting mainstream involvement. The group programs are kept small to ensure your child is getting the most out of each session. The current programs that we are able to offer at ABi are:

Play Space group: Our Play Therapy group is for children aged 0-6 and aims to teach early social skills and play skills through developmentally appropriate activities. Skills addressed include eye contact, imitation, peer interaction and turn taking. This program runs weekly.

Click here for our play space group flyer

Social Skills: The Social Skills groups at ABi are focused on bringing children of a similar age together and to provide therapy in order to build their social skills to be able to learn how to develop friendships. This is encouraged through confidence building, perspective taking, social problem solving, social interaction, turn taking, working together with peers and self-awareness using targeted activities. These groups can run for children aged 6-9, & 10-13. This program runs weekly throughout the school term.

Click here for our Social Skills Group Flyer

School Readiness: The School Readiness program focuses on exposing children to a typical classroom routine. It aims to provide them with the skills required to participate and learn in the classroom environment. For example, sitting at group time, transitions, social skills and independent work completion. This program runs in the January school holidays.

Secret Agent Society (SAS): This program is a social skills program aimed at 8 to 12 year old children with social and emotional challenges including high functioning autism. The approach helps children to crack the codes of emotions and friendships. It also assists children in developing coping strategies in order to deal with bullying, joking and conversations.

For more information about any of these groups please see this Groups flyer.