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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy at ABi aims to promote your child’s independence through development of functional skills required for everyday activities. We use evidence based practice to develop individualised programs to suit the needs of your child and family. Our therapists work within a variety of environments such as home, school and in the community to address barriers or challenges that your child may experience. Our interventions target areas such as:

  • Daily living skills – Washing, dressing, toileting and feeding.
  • Fine motor skills – Finger and thumb isolation, in-hand manipulation, hand-eye coordination and tool use.
  • Gross motor skills – Balance, muscle tone, core/postural stability, bilateral coordination, midline crossing and motor planning.
  • Handwriting – Pencil grip, letter formation, written expression.
  • Play skills – Imaginary play, constructive play, interpersonal (playing with others) and intrapersonal (independent play).
  • Social skills – Verbal and non-verbal communication such as gestures, eye contact, facial expression and body language.
  • School readiness – Table top tasks, transitions between activities, classroom behaviours, task completion, following instructions and craft skills.
  • Self-organisation – Daily planning, sequencing tasks and time management.
  • Sensory processing – Self-regulation, attention and concentration.
  • Visual perception – Processing and interpreting visual information (the brain’s ability to make sense of what we see), which are necessary skills needed for reading and writing.

Standardised assessments are also available upon request.